How we started

Photo: Benoit Z Leroux

Halfway through Maxime’s second year he found himself without a partner. In his first year, Briscoe also needed a partner. After their first try out it was evident that working together would work. The duo quickly developed a strong and dynamic work ethic. After two years of training together, they will be graduating this spring from the National Circus School in Montreal.

From the start both Maxime and Briscoe had a strong interest in hand to hand. They chose hand to hand as their second discipline, and by training in it both at school and in their free time, they managed to devote the same amount of time to hand to hand to as they do to cradle.






Now, at the end of their training, they have created and completed the number that they will present for their final exam and perform in their career as professional circus artists.

As they begin their act, the audience is brought into the heart of an action movie. Something worries the two—somewhere is a threat. Accomplices, they face danger with an absurd confidence and take ever-increasing risks.


 Performances with russian cradle

Photo: Renald Laurin

-Show “Coup de coeur” at Tohu for the National Circus School in February 2017.

-Special events, Outlane Performance at Royal Palace (France) in december 2016.

-Show “Fracas” directed by Anthony Venisse at the  Festival “Montréal Complètement Cirque”  2016.