Maxime Blanckaert

Attentive, reliable, and always in a good mood, Max is a young circus artist from Belgium. At the age of eight he discovered juggling and a circus school called Créacirque in Namur (BE). With an engineer and a mathematics teacher as parents, Max got through regular school with ease, permitting him to devote his time and energy to his passion for circus. He soon developed impressive skills in acrobatics, acting, and unicycle, but it was his ten years of experience on the unicycle that earned him admission to the prestigious National Circus School in Montreal. In his first year, he discovered the Russian cradle (also called Korean cradle) and his previously unsuspected talent for porting. With his new partner Nathan Briscoe, he also trains in hand-to-hand and banquine. Now in his last year of school, Max is waiting for only one thing: to get up on different stages around the world and throw his partner.