How did it start ?

Photo: JO Bersier

Soon after Max and Briscoe met at the National Circus School in Montreal and became a Russian cradle duo, they realized how complementary hand to hand is with cradle. So in their first year as a duo they used much of their free time to work on the basics of hand to hand. Soon enough they had joined the National Circus School’s specialized hand to hand classes and spent equal amounts of time training hand to hand as cradle. To further develop their skills, when the duo are apart Briscoe spends much of his time practicing his hand balancing, while Max explores head balancing. Max’s hard head and Briscoe’s devotion to hand balancing have brought them surprisingly rapid progression in static hand to

hand. In the past year they have also begun training in more dynamic hand to hand. They are glad they will soon be graduating with strong technique in two different acts.


Photo: JO Bersier


Performances en main à main

Photo: Renald Laurin
  • Show “Fracas” in 2016 and “Duels” in 2015 during the Festival “Montréal Complètement Cirque”